Learn how to fix issue with the Samsung Galaxy S II when it randomly shut itself off.

Some people have reported that their phone randomly shut off for no reason, and sometimes the alarm would not raise the alarm at all because it was switch off. It appears that this is a very common issue that the Samsung Galaxy S II have.

If you are unlucky to have this problem then here is a few things to check:

- If you have recently install an app, then try to uninstall them and see if you have any problem. Sometimes a buggy apps can cause your phone to have problem and as a result it could be kept switch itself off.

- Try to reset your device and see if this fixes your problem. How To Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S II.

Make sure that you back up your personal data on the device before try to reset it.

- Update to the latest version of the firmware, and this sometimes can fix this common issue. You can download the latest firmware from Samsung support home page.

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