Here are the easy steps you can use to sync Outlook contacts and Calendars on the Samsung Galaxy S2.

Microsoft Office Outlook is a very popular mail client software on the Windows PC. Most of the major corporation uses Outlook to manage emails, contacts calendars and etc.

In order for you to easily sync contacts and calendar you will need to use MyPhoneExplorer software. This software need to install both on the computer and your Galaxy S2.

This tutorial will assume that your mobile device and computer can connect to the same WiFi network.

1. First download and install MyPhoneExplorer on the PC. While installing MyPhoneExplorer it will also attempt to install RegClean Pro software. I hate this kind of software. When the screen popup asking for your confirmation, just click on Decline button. The installation should then continue on.


2. Next download and install MyPhoneExplorer on your SGS2 device from the Android Market.

3. Now enable Wifi on your phone. If you don't know how to enable Wife read this: Samsung Galaxy S II: How to Enable/Disable Wi-Fi.

4. Once MyPhoneExplorer is installed on the phone, open it up and you can connect to the WiFi network. You will have the options to connect via WiFi, Bluetooth and USB cable.


5. If you decide to connect using the WiFi option, you could set a password on the phone WiFi. Tap on the OK button to set the PIN. The client on the PC will need a pin to connect to your phone. You can also set the PIN via the Menu Settings. While the app is open tap on Menu > Settings > WiFi-PIN and enter the PIN.


6. Now go to the PC and open MyPhoneExplorer on the PC. Click on File > Connect. You could also simply press F1 on the keyboard.


7. If you previously set the PIN on the phone, then you will now need to enter in the same PIN. Put in the PIN and click on OK.


Once connected you see the connected status at the bottom of the application.

8. Now click on File > Settings, or F2.

9. Select Sync on the left navigation panel.

10. On the right hand panel select the drop down box of Contacts and select the version of Outlook you have on your PC.You can click on Advance... to further customize what you want to sync.


  • Contacts: > Outlook 2010
  • Calendar: Outlook 2010
  • Notes: Outlook 2010


11. Click on OK button to exit the settings screen.

12.Now click on the Blue arrow round button to start sync.


13. You phone should now start sync.



Have a play around with this app, as it has way too many functions to discuss here and is out of scope for this tutorial.

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