How to turn your Samsung Galaxy S2 TV remote control to change channel, turn the Volume up and down, display dual view plus other features.

Is it a calculator? is it a computer with web browser? is it a camera? is it a game player or is it a remote controller? More and more features a bundle into the Samsung Galaxy S2, and now you could use it to control a Samsung TV, provided that both devices are connect to the same Wireless router.

Samsung has created a SmartView apps that lets your mobile to automatically act as a remote controller.

Here are some of the things you could do with the app:

  • Remote Control
  • Game control - use to control the game in basic mode, you can control games using tilt motion.
  • Dual view
  • Fine tune TV
  • PowerOn Bluetooth

1. First download the app from the Android app market here.

2. Go to your TV and enable Wireless Remote Control or Network Remote Control.

3. Connect your cell phone to the wireless router.

4. Connect the TV to the router using the LAN cable or the USB wireless device.


Note: not all TV support this feature, so if you can't find the option Wireless Remote Control or Network Remote Control in the TV setup menu, then you won't be able to make use of this feature on your Samsung Galaxy S2.

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