The Samsung Galaxy S5 come with a great rear camera, however the glass can easily break if you are not careful. In this tutorial you will learn how to replace the rear camera lens glass on the Galaxy S5 series.

  • i9600 S5 Rear Camera Glass Replacement
  • G900T S5 Rear Camera Glass Replacement
  • G900A S5 Rear Camera Glass Replacement
  • G900V S5 Rear Camera Glass Replacement
  • SM - G900 Series and similar model

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  1. The first step is to remove the back cover of the phone and this will expose the camera area.


  2. Now you can use a heat gun or a hair dryer to quickly heat up the rear camera. Apply the heat for about 30 seconds, make sure you don't overheat and damage the device.

  3. Next, using a razor blaze or a pry tool to pry out the metal bracket that holds down the glass.


  4. Once the metal bracket is removed, now using a pry tool to remove the broken / damage glass as shown in below picture.


  5. Next, using the replacement part, you can put in the new glass back in the reverse order.


  6. Note that when putting the camera glass lens back on, make sure you remove the clear plastic film on the glass and the metal bracket that protect the adhesive. Failing to remove the plastic film will cause the taken pictures to be blurry.

For more details you can see the video here:

After you have finished, you can try to turn on the camera and take a few photos to see how you go.

That's it. Hope you enjoy this tutorial and have fun replace the damage rear camera lens on the Galaxy S5. You can look for the replacement part here.

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