As an Android developer you will need to enable USB debugging on the Samsung Galaxy Tab device when you are creating a new application.

Once USB debugging is enabled, you could run and debug to see what's wrong with the app. Here's how:

1. Press The Home android-home-key button to go back to idle screen.

2. Then tap on Apps android-apps on the top right of the screen.

3. Next tap on the Settings.


4. Next tap on Applications.

5. Then select Development.


6. Tap on the USB debugging ensuring that the checkbox is ticked.

7. Click on OK to confirm.


Watch the Video:


Once you have finish testing your app, you can then turn off USB Debugging.

If you are unable to detect the device on the PC, then you may need to download the drivers from Samsung website. Just go to the Samsung website and search for your device name and model, then download the appropriate USB driver. Then download and install Samung Kies PC.

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