When ever you take a photo on the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the camera make a shutter sound. This may not be desireable when you want to take a close up picture of your pet, the sound can alert your pet and make them jump away.

Have you ever miss a perfect moment of taken a quality picture because of the shutter sound? Here's how to turn it off.

Solution 1

1. Press on the Home key.

2. Then tap on Applications.

3. Next tap on the Camera icon.

4. Tap on Settings.

5. Then tap on Shutter sound.

6. Now you can choose a different shutter sound or Select Off to silent it completely.

7. Finally tap on Save.

Soluion 2

1. Download the Es File Explorer from the Android Market.

2. Then open up the ES File Explorer app, and browse to the folder /system/media/audio/ui.

3. Locate the sound file shutter_01.ogg. Now delete it or change the name to something else.

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