So if you have just got the new iPhone 7 then you would want to get a new case for it. Having a good case can protects the iPhone 7 in the events you accidentally drop it on the ground. A quality case can help prevent the glass from cracking or smashing into pieces.

After using the case for a few days I can say it is quite comfortable to use. The Spigen case is slim, glossy, sleek, has a quality protection design, and unobtrusive. You can easily slip it in and out of your pocket without feeling the bulkiness added onto the phone. On each corner of the case there is an air pocket which acted as a shock absorber, so if you drop the phone then it won't crack as easily. When you first take the case of the box there is a plastic film stick onto the outside and inside of the case, you need to peel them off before you could use it. Any owner of the iPhone 7 Jet black may get bubble on the case if you immediately put the phone into the case due to the glossiness on the phone. So after peeling off the plastic film wait for five to ten minutes before slipping the phone into the case. On the outside of the case there is a slight raise bump on the corner, and this help prevent scratches on the back case then you are resting the phone on a hard surface.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone 7 Case with Air Cushion Technology and Hybrid Drop Protection for iPhone 7



After watching the video you can decide if this case is right for you. For less than $15 you may find this case is acceptable because it is cheap but looks good and feel strong and durable. There are several colors which you could choose from clear transparent to rose gold. If you work in construction or other industry where the phone is likely to take a beating then you should opt to look for something that gives a full protection, otherwise this is a great case.

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