Restore your vBulletin admin password when you have forgotten them.

1. First create a new user in your forum. We will use this new use to retrieve your admin password.

2. Located your original vBulletin's zip file. Unzip the file, and go to the folder do_not_upload.

3. Find the tools.php file in the do_not_upload folder, then using FTP to upload this file to admincp directory.

4. Open a web browser such as Firefox and put in admincp/tools.php in the address bar. admincp-tools

Note: If you cannot access this page or you get an error, you may have to copy the install folder back into your forum root directory.

5. Once your vBulletin Tools page loaded, scroll down and click on Reset Admin Access. Run this with your new registed user account.


6. You have just make your new account an admin. Now use the new account you have created and log into the backend.

7. Now go to the users management panel, search for the admin user that you have forgotten the password.


8. Open the admin user profile and go to the password field, then put in the new password for your admin account.

9. Now test your admin on the front end to ensure that the new password works.

10. When all goes well, go back into the backend and remove the temporary account you have created in step 1.

11. Now delete the tools.php and install folder from your hosting account.

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