By default vBulletin only displays the forum on the home page by display order. If you want it to sort by the forum title then you need to change the code a little, and I mean just a little.

Open file includes/adminfunctions.php and change the word displayorder to title int he Order BY sql statement.

find the line:

    // get the vbulletin->iforumcache so we can traverse the forums in order within cache_forum_permissions

    $newforumcache = $vbulletin->db->query_read("

        SELECT forum.*" . ((VB_AREA != 'Upgrade' AND VB_AREA != 'Install') ? ", NOT ISNULL(podcast.forumid) AS podcast" : "") . "

        FROM " . TABLE_PREFIX . "forum AS forum

        " . ((VB_AREA != 'Upgrade' AND VB_AREA != 'Install') ? "LEFT JOIN " . TABLE_PREFIX . "podcast AS podcast ON (forum.forumid = podcast.forumid AND podcast.enabled = 1)" : "") . "

        ORDER BY displayorder

Change the displayorder to title.

Now go into the vBulletin admin page > forum manager and hit on button Save Display Order to refresh the cache.


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