Do you need a way to sort a vBulletin forum display order by the title and not the actual number. When you go to the forum manager, you can put in the forum display order by the number, but what happen when you have a large forum consist of thousand of sub forums and you need a way to automatically sort by the title and not the manually putting in the display number by 1, 2, 3, 4, ... 1001. It's quite easy actually, but you need to have access to the database.

Note: Before you proceed always backup the database table.

1. First log into phpMyAdmin to open up the database table.

2. Open up the table your databaseprefix_forum. Replace the databaseprefix with your database name.

3. Now browse the forum table and grab the forumid of the parent forum you want to sort the child forum. Say you have the parent forum Games and sub forum PlayStation, Nintendo, XBOX. The parent id is the Games forum.

4. Then open up the SQL Tab and put in the follow script.

SET @rank:=1;
update android_forum
set displayorder=@rank:=@rank+1
WHERE parentid = 4
order by title

5. After you have run the script, log into vBulletin admin page.

6. Then click on Forums & Moderators > Forum Manager.

7. Now add a new forum called test and then delete it so that vBulletin refreshes the system cache.

8. Try to also go to Maintenance > Clear System Cache and clear the cache. I find the above steps works fine.

9. Now go to the front and and see that the sorting has been completed.

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