Do you administer a vBulletin forum and you would like to view all posts that has made by a particular member? Its quiet easy to do so few a few steps.

1. First we need to locate a link to a user profile. We can do that by open up a post that is posted by the user, you can also search for this link in the forum category. Let's say we want to view all posts made by smithjones, which is one of the spammers in forum.


2. Now left click on the username smithjones and you should see the a small popup tooltip dialog.


3. Then click on View Forum Posts.

4. On the next screen you will then see all the post made by that user. You can then determine what to do with those posts.


This feature is extremely useful when I am trying to track a spammer and see what they have posted on the forum. The search result will display records from the most recent to the oldest.

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