To effectively manage your forum sometimes to you need to monitor all posts made by a member. You can either do this through the front end of the website, or you could connect to the database and write a select query to do so. In this tutorial I am going to show you how to write query to just that.

1. First open up phpMyAdmin and connect to the database. Alternatively, you could also use a database client software like Toad for MySQL to connect to the forum database. If you don't know how to connect to the database with Toad, then read Connect Toad Client to MySQL Database With Bluehost.

2. Then open the query editor and put in this code. You can choose which database field to display in the search result. In the below query I am selecting all the field in the post table. Your table name might be different to what I have below because this will depend on what you have prefix the table name when you first installed vBulletin.

{codecitation class="brush:sql"}

SELECT postid, threadid, parentid, username, userid, title, dateline, pagetext, allowsmilie, showsignature, ipaddress,iconid, visible, attach, infraction, reportthreadid, htmlstate
FROM post
WHERE username = 'smithjones'


Example of the Result:


Note: you could use the WHERE clause to filter by the username or userid.

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