When you shot a picture with too many unnecessary details or scenery surrounding the main subject, you can crop it out to create the best shot and focus on the main object that you want. Long ago, when you would like to crop a photo to its best fit, the only way to do it is to use a third party app rather than the stock app. However, with Xperia Z, you can now crop directly on the phone from the Album app.

Here’s how to:

1. First, tap on the App icon to view App list.

2. Open the Album app.

3. Navigate to the photo you want to rotate.

4. Touch on the screen to view the settings toolbars.

5. Hit the X-Z-menu-more key.

6. Choose Crop.

7. Now, if you want to change the crop frame, long press on the edge of the crop frame. When you see the squares at the edges disappear, drag inward or outward to resize the frame.

8. If you want to resize all sides of the crop frame at the same time, just press on one of the four corners to make the square at the edges disappear for some seconds, then drag the corner accordingly.

9. In case you want to move the crop frame to another area of the photo, also long press inside the frame, then drag it to the place you want.

10. Once you finished cropping, hit Crop to complete.

The original uncropped version are still available on the phone.

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